Chiropractic Care for Teen Athletes

Athletes push themselves hard, and teenage athletes are notorious for pushing themselves too far on injuries. They’re anxious to perform for college scouts or they just want to make sure they make the team. Perhaps the problem is a higher pain tolerance. Whatever the cause, it’s up to the parents and guardians to make sure teen athletes do not push themselves to the point of causing permanent injury. One great way to do that is by scheduling an appointment with a qualified chiropractor.

Gymnasts are constantly putting strain on their shoulders and football players push themselves to the point of exhaustion. The knees and lower back of short stops can be screaming in agony, but they won’t tell the coach. Unlike some injuries that are visible, like bruises and swelling, back injuries aren’t as easy to see.

When discs in the spine start to move out of position, there is not typically a visual sign of the damage. The only indication is the stabbing, burning or tingling pain that might set in. The problem is that most teen athletes either don’t tell anyone they’re hurting, or the adults in their life chalk it up to over-exertion and trust that it will feel better with some rest.

The only way to be sure that your teen athlete is staying in top condition is to visit the chiropractor as part of the annual physical exam. The chiropractor knows what to look for in the back and he knows what to look for when doing an exam. Most importantly, he knows how to correct problems that surface.

Visit Dr. Baker in Juanita and Kirkland to have your teen athlete examined. All major insurance plans like Aetna and Cigna are accepted. Take the steps now to keep your athlete’s back straight and true so pain down the road can be avoided.

Chiropractic care for athletes

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