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Whiplash is a menace. Car accidents can happen to anyone and the injuries resulting from them can cause years of pain. Whiplash severely limits the natural range of motion in your neck while also leaving you with deep, throbbing neck pain. Sleeping and daily functions become nearly impossible when you are suffering from whiplash. Commonly caused when the force of a car accident literally whips the head back and forth, chiropractic care can help set the neck back into order and give you relief from the pain.

The constant pain of whiplash can be alleviated through spinal manipulations provided by Dr. Baker. When the head is whipped around, the discs in the spine can easily shift out of place. Once they are misaligned, they will put pressure on the nerves causing pain and limiting how much movement the neck can handle without shooting pain. Gently moving those discs back into place through a series of adjustments will relieve the pressure, thereby eliminating the pain.

Pain from a car accident can radiate along the spine and whiplash can affect more than the neck. The searing pain can go from the lower and middle back all the way to the neck and into the shoulders. Chiropractic care can help put the spine back in order, relieving the pressure on the nerves throughout the body. Don’t rely on muscle relaxers and NSAIDs alone to deal with the pain of whiplash. Choose a treatment that will actually help resolve the underlying problem so you can feel better.

Dr. Baker works with PrimeSpine clinics in Juanita and Kirkland. His patients visit him from all over the area, including Bothell, Totem Lake, Bellevue, Seattle and Redmond. He accepts most insurance plans such as Premera Blue and Cross and Aetna and welcomes walk-ins. As a marathon runner, he knows first-hand how painful problems with the back and neck can be. He is prepared to help you find relief from the pain so you can get on with your life.

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