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Juanita whiplash is common. Car accidents are very frequent along I-05. Whiplash can be treated at your local chiropractor’s office. Caused by intense trauma to the cervical spine, whiplash causes acute pain in the upper back and neck. Typical symptoms are more extensive than just the pain. Muscle spasms may occur in the side or back of the neck, a headache may develop, shooting pain can extend from the neck into the shoulders or arms, localized swelling in the neck may occur along with tenderness and an extreme reduction in neck mobility. Simply turning your head to look at someone can cause excruciating pain.

The sooner treatment for whiplash begins the sooner you can enjoy relief from the pain. Many patients ignore the symptoms of whiplash, believing that the pain is related to muscle trauma and will heal on its own. Unfortunately, this will not typically happen. Oftentimes, the damage is to the alignment of the spinal discs, a condition that will not self-correct with time. Over time scar tissue can develop, further inhibiting healing and causing a marked decreased in range of motion.

Chiropractic care for whiplash typically involves several different treatments combined into one intensive plan. Adjustments are used to slowly move the spine back to a healthy position. The inflammation caused by herniated discs will be alleviated, bringing the patient some relief from the spasms and shooting pain.

Muscle therapy is also used to help prevent scar tissue from forming. Anti-inflammatory medications such as Advil and ibuprofen will be prescribed to help reduce swelling. These should be used in addition to ice for short-term pain relief while the overall treatment plan progresses.

It is important to remember that muscle spasms and pain are nature’s way of protecting an injury. At no time should you try to force movement beyond what is comfortable. Seeking chiropractic care as soon as possible after the accident can help you fully heal in a relatively short period of time. Call Dr. Baker at PrimeSpine chiropractic in Kirkland or Juanita today for more information on whiplash treatment.

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