Choose Chiropractors when Preparing for a 5k

Long distance and 5k runners take pride in going those extra miles. They get in the groove and feel the blood pulsing through their bodies as they stride through the miles. Workouts are an important part of any runner’s regime, along with following a healthy diet. To really stay in top condition and be able to continue enjoying the feel of the race, it’s important to also make regular visits to the chiropractor.

One common complaint of distance runners is soreness that extends from the hips to the toes. Dr. Baker knows how to manipulate the feet, knees, hips and ankles to help runners find relief from the stiff joints. A former and 5k runner himself, he knows how important a great range of motion is to running. In addition to the specific manipulations, Dr. Baker also uses massage to help relax tight muscles. Biofreeze is also recommended for muscle pain, along with cryotherapy.

Anti-inflammatory medications may seem like the best treatment when you are training for a marathon or a 5k, but all they do is mask the symptoms. As soon as the Tylenol or Aleve wears off, the throbbing pain will return. For a long-term solution that can help you run again without pain, visit Dr. Baker in Kirkland or Juanita.

When runners become injured, scar tissue can form and start to impede the mobility range. The caring doctors at PrimeSpine, know how to break up scar tissue so the body can continue focusing on healing that area.

Whether you are dealing with an injury from overuse or compression in the spine from the many years of running, he can help you find relief. He is highly skilled as a chiropractor and appreciates what 5k and marathon runners put themselves to. He will also offer tips and tricks to help you keep your back healthy and your joints safe when you are training for the next exciting race.

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