Eliminate Cricks in the Neck at PrimeSpine

Sleeping the wrong way can leave you with a painful crick in the neck. The problem with the lack of mobility that presents and the shooting pain that plagues you is that it can take days for the muscles to relax and your neck to feel good again. If you are prone to experiencing a painful crick from moving the wrong way or sleeping the wrong way chiropractic care may be able to help you.

Located in Juanita and Kirkland, PrimeSpine chiropractic clinics specialize in treating the spine and the entire body. Muscle spasms can be treated with cryotherapy and the manual therapy that helps loosen knotted muscles. The greatest treatment, however, comes from the use of spinal adjustments to correct the alignment of the spine.

When the spine is in proper alignment, especially in the upper back, simple movements won’t cause a flare of pain in the neck that stays for days on end. Dr. Baker can give you tips on how to sleep so that your back stays in proper alignment so you will never again have to deal with a painful crick in your neck.

Accepting most insurance plans including Premera Blue Cross and First Choice Health Care; PrimeSpine can help you get your back in proper order so the pains in your neck will go away permanently. Learning how to sleep and sit properly is essential to prevention and Dr. Baker also offers physical therapeutics to help you develop stronger muscles in the affected areas.

You don’t have to continue living with the pain and misery of a restricted neck. Pain relievers are temporary and while Tylenol and ibuprofen may help you function for a while, they are not cures. Choose to address the underlying condition by visiting Dr. Baker. Walk-ins are welcome, so stop by today to learn what a great chiropractor can do to help you avoid neck pain.


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