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Kirkland chiropractic treatment is now available for joint dysfunction. Sacroiliac joint dysfunction can create a great deal of lower back pain. A steady, throbbing, aching misery that never goes away can be the result of a slip and fall or even childbirth that throws the joints in the lower back out of alignment. Chiropractic care can bring the joint back into a healthy position.

Dr. Baker of PrimeSpine is experienced at working with the sacroiliac joint. This joint connects the spine to the pelvis and is held together with ligaments. When stress is placed on this joint through injury, pregnancy or even abnormal walking patterns; the cartilage that protects that joint can be worn down.

The pain from this type of joint dysfunction can be felt throughout the pelvis, down through the back of the leg and even into the front of the leg and groin. It is typically more severe after lifting or twisting and can also be felt when standing. Dr. Baker knows how to manipulate this joint to bring it back into healthy alignment, relieving the pain.

The first step is to reduce the inflammation and work to increase the mobility of the pelvic area. Learning how to maintain better posture is a major part of keeping the joints in the back healthy. Taking steps to improve core strength is also an important part of keeping the back healthy. Exercises and physical therapeutics are used by Dr. Baker as part of an overall education plan. In addition to restoring the joint to proper functioning, Dr. Baker believes in teaching patients what they can do to keep their back healthy and their joints functioning properly.

PrimeSpine accepts most major health insurance carriers and happily accepts walk-ins. They are your Kirkland chiropractic health center located in Juanita and Kirkland, Dr. Baker is passionate about caring for his patients. A healthy, pain-free body begins with a healthy spine.

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