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The sniffling, sneezing misery of allergies is something that most people simply have to live with. Difficulty breathing and the inclination to avoid it all by barricading yourself inside air conditioned comfort are simply a fact of life for millions of people. Allergy medications provide some relief, but they are not a cure. However, many people have found long-term relief from allergy pain and discomfort through chiropractic care at PrimeSpine clinics in Juanita and Kirkland.

Most people would not think to turn to chiropractic care for their allergies. However, chiropractic care has been found to treat allergies along with back pain and skeletal problems. One cause of allergies is a stressed nervous system that is unable to effectively deal with the foreign agents that are upsetting the body. One common culprit behind this stress is spinal sublaxations that place pressure on the nervous system.

As the back is brought back into alignment and the sublaxations are corrected, the pressure on the spine is relieved. When the immune system is not being subverted by painful spinal pressure it is free to effectively fight off the allergens. While chiropractors may not treat allergies directly, their treatment of spinal problems does offer the added benefit of providing allergy relief.

If you are suffering from the annoying runny nose and uncomfortable swollen eyes of seasonal allergies, consider visiting Dr. Baker at PrimeSpine to see how he can help. This is especially true if you are also experiencing steady or intermittent pain in your back, neck or shoulders. If there are spinal sublaxations that are keeping your immune system distracted, Dr. Baker can help. Not only will the steady aching and sharp pains in your back be relieved, you may also find that you will no longer require regular doses of allergy medication.



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