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Nerve pain is common. Your nerves run throughout your body like a superhighway, transporting information and pain messages from every inch of your body to your brain. Nerve pain can take on many different forms and can affect every area of your body. It can take on any form of pain from a numbness that won’t go away to a tingling sensation, burning feeling or shooting pain that wrecks havoc on your life.

Nerve pain is consistent and can put a serious damper on your everyday activities. The sensitivity can prevent you from putting pressure on the affected area and make simple acts like getting dressed a challenge. There are many culprits of nerve pain, and one of the biggest offenders is compression.

When the spine compresses down and discs move too close together, the result can be pinched nerved. As the nerves become crushed, they can send feelings of pain shooting down into any part of the body, including the extremities.

Pain medications can help relieve the symptoms, but they are not a cure. They will provide temporary relief, but as soon as the pain medication wears off the tingling and numbness will return. Long-lasting relief can also be free of chemicals and potential side-effects when you choose chiropractic care.

Dr. Baker at PrimeSpine can adjust the spine to bring it back into proper alignment. Sublaxations can be corrected and the pressure on the nerves can be released. The spine typically moves out of place slowly over the course of years, although it can also occur quickly when there is trauma such as an accident. Putting the spine back into position will require patience and several adjustments to gradually move it back into healthy alignment. Visit Dr. Baker to find out if your nerve pain is the result of back problems. Schedule an appointment today so you can start traveling the road to the pain-free life that you are missing.

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