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Good posture is an important part of a healthy back, poor posture is destructive. The joints of your back will stay in healthy alignment, avoiding the accelerated degeneration of joint surfaces. The ligaments will stay strong and muscles will not fatigue as quickly. Strain and overuse injuries are avoided along with most back pain and muscle pain. Plus there’s the added bonus of how nice you look when you stand straight and tall.

Of course, most of us still don’t know how to maintain proper posture. We slump, hunch and sit in the most uncomfortable position, this is poor posture. The workplace is particularly notorious for people putting themselves in positions that are in poor alignment. These positions may seem comfortable at the time, but they are steadily causing damage to the back. It is damage that will, eventually, flare open into an ugly pain that will not be ignored or pushed off.

The biggest problem with office workers is that they are typically found hunched over their computers, furiously working on their projects. That pain you feel upon standing after pounding away on a big project for three straight hours is more than a tender back; it’s a sign that you are doing damage to your body with the poor posture.

Dr. Baker of PrimeSpine has a clinic serving Kirkland, Juantia, Totem Lake and all surrounding areas. He is able to treat the cumulative workplace injuries that result from improper posture. Over time, that poor posture becomes a permanent state of mind for the back, but Dr. Baker can take steps to reset things. The back can gradually be brought back into alignment, taking away the pain.

It is important to pay attention to how you are sitting while at work. The chair should be adjusted to achieve proper posture while still working on the computer. Dr. Baker is more than happy to share tips with his clients on how to maintain a healthy, straight back even at work.

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