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It’s hard to believe that a chiropractor can help you with foot pain and ankle pain, but there are times when a doctor of the spine is just what you need for the extremities. If radiating pain in the foot and swelling is preventing you from enjoying your regular activities, schedule a visit with Dr. Baker of PrimeSpine to learn if he can help you find relief for foot pain.

Your feet are a vital part of your life, and one that is commonly taken for granted. What most people don’t realize is that there are actually 26 bones in the foot, and they all do something important. When one of them is out of alignment, the result can be severe foot pain. The individual joints in the foot are each capable of causing radiating or shooting pain that will prevent you from walking comfortably. Finally, the foot is covered in nerves, each one waiting to send messages of pain back to the brain. With so many possibilities for things to go wrong in the foot, it’s no wonder that so many people suffer with debilitating foot pain. 

Chiropractors know how to manipulate the bones back into position, and they don’t limit their magic to the spine. Dr. Baker, like many chiropractors, also works on the extremities to help people find relief from pain. He has the knowledge and experience that is needed to massage the bones back into place and helps the muscle spasms relax.

Most major insurance carriers are accepted and PrimeSpine offers some evening hours. Located in Juanita and Kirkland, they are a short drive from communities throughout the western Seattle area. Make an appointment today to see if he can help you find relief for your foot pain and ankle pain.


Kirkland Chiropractor helps patients with foot pain

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Your local Kirkland chiropractor for foot pain treatment

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