I Found Back Pain Relief With A Kirkland Chiropractor

Kirkland Chiropractor Helps with Back Pain Relief

I slipped and fell while gardening this spring and hurt my back. This is when I realized that Your not as spry at 55 as when you were in your 20’s. I tried roughing it out, but each day my lower back seemed to hurt more. I was afraid I would start getting back spasms if I did not get help. I asked a friend who is familiar with Kirkland chiropractor and she recommended Dr Baker’s PrimeSpine chiropractic clinic. She said she knew a few people who had been to the clinic for back pain treatment and were happy with the results.

I was new to Kirkland and not familiar with the medical community yet, so needed good advice. I called this Kirkland chiropractor for back pain treatment and got an appointment quite soon. I was glad that the wait was short, as my back was really bothering me. When I went to my Kirkland chiropractor, Dr Baker, for my back pain treatment, I was pleasantly surprised. The waiting room was pleasant and comfortable and the paperwork was easy and convenient to fill out. My first visit to this Kirkland chiropractor for back pain treatment showed good results. Dr. Baker’s clinic uses up to date equipment and techniques to get results fast for people in pain. 

The fees were reasonable and the clinic did the paperwork for my insurance company for me. I am now pain free and gardening more carefully so I don’t hurt my back again soon. Now I know where to go if I have back pain again. Dr. Baker is the Kirkland chiropractor I would recommend for back pain treatment.

Kirkland Chiropractor helps patients with back pain

Your local Kirkland chiropractor for a hurt back

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