Bellevue Woman Receives Treatment for Whiplash After Car Wreck | Hurt Back and Hurt Neck

Whiplash from a Car Wreck


Individuals in a car accident can experience pain and discomfort for long periods of time even when there hasn’t been severe injury. A 36-year-old resident of Bellevue was subjected to this discomfort when she walked away from a car wreck and began feeling symptoms of whiplash.  Her neck and upper back hurt.  “I hurt all over, my back felt funny and more neck was aching and sore.  I also felt dizzy.”

Whiplash is a multifaceted condition whose symptoms may come to light several days or weeks after an accident. It involves sudden overextension of the spine caused by an outside force such as in car crashes or when playing high-impact sports. It can be a painful or discomforting condition that often requires treatment.

Our Bellevue resident, who was in overall good health, sought treatment for neck, back and shoulder pain, aching joints and ‘pins and needles’ in her arms. She was recommended to the PrimeSpine Chiropractic Clinic in Kirkland where Dr. Ben Baker supplies expert chiropractic care to injury sufferers.

As a free consultation, Dr. Baker provided a chiropractic exam that located the sources of discomfort. By using expert chiropractic techniques such as pressure treatment, stretches and simple movements, the patient’s level of comfort improved greatly. Dr. Baker also made recommendations on how to reduce bodily stress in her home and work activities, thus reducing chances of further pain and irritation.

Whiplash can be a frustrating problem that hinders daily living. If you have recently been in a car accident or car wreck and feel related symptoms, Dr. Baker’s expertise in spinal, muscle and skeletal problems can result in effective treatment and relief. We encourage you to contact PrimeSpine and take the first step to regaining your comfort and freedom.


Whiplash treatment for Bellevue and Kirkland

Whiplash pain should not be ignored

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