Sciatica Solution For Kirkland & Bellevue Residents

Sciatica Solution

Shooting pain that travels down the leg is more than annoying, it’s debilitating. At 35 years old, I felt like I was too young to be living with so much back pain that I could barely walk. Sciatica is not simply an ailment for the elderly, it also strikes people who are in their 30’s and can cause problems for people of any age if there is some form of trauma to the back. As much as I didn’t want to admit it or hear it, I was living with sciatica and I was in desperate need of radiating pain treatment.

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Dr. Baker at Kirkland’s chiropractic clinic was able to help me with my pain. Relief was mine after the appropriate adjustments were made and radiating pain treatments were performed. Sciatic nerve pain occurs when spinal disks compress and pinch the sciatic nerve. When this happens, simply sitting in the wrong position will cause severe pain to travel down one or both legs, preventing you from walking upright fully, or even bending over to put on your pants.

Before I found a Kirkland Chiropractic solution I had to hold onto the bed post just to get dressed in the morning. Sleeping was no longer a joy because it was too painful. Simply rolling over at night left me crying in agony and I had to take great care during the day. Standing too long caused pain and sitting in raised chairs such as bar stools would leave me unable to stand up.

Pain pills are temporary and living with the pain is simply not an option. Choosing radiating pain treatment through PrimeSpine or Kirkland Chiropractic is the best choice and the most effective treatment for sciatic never pain.

Sciatica Solution For Kirkland & Bellevue Residents

Sciatica Relief in Kirkland from Dr. Baker

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