Kirkland Headache Sufferer Seeks Relief With Help From Chiropractor

Stress and muscle tension due to work related issues have caused a Kirkland woman to suffer excruciating headaches and neck pain over a period of several weeks. Using Tylenol and muscle relaxants hasn’t provided much relief from the terrible pain. She’s almost 100% certain that sitting at her desk and doing computer work for several hours a day is what’s causing the muscles in her neck to tighten, creating her headaches. After talking with a co-worker who had success with chiropractic treatment for her own headaches, this Kirkland neck pain sufferer is going to see Dr. Ben Baker at his chiropractic center, Prime Spine.

Dr. Baker is a family chiropractor who specializes in determining the underlying cause of a patient’s pain. If spinal misalignment is the culprit of the muscle tension behind this woman’s neck pain and vicious headaches, Dr. Baker offers a real solution to bring her relief. Through chiropractic adjustments of her cervical vertebrae, along with massage and trigger point therapy, this patient has an excellent opportunity to put her headaches and neck pain completely behind her.

Headache sufferers don’t have to just live with the pain. If you’ve been experiencing neck pain and headaches, call our Kirkland chiropractic center, or if it’s more convenient, complete our online appointment request form. Come in to talk with our chiropractor, Dr. Ben Baker, and let him help you find relief; don’t waste another day in misery when help is close at hand.


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