Seattle business owner gets relief from neck pain at Prime Spine, a local chiropractic center

A local business owner came to our office recently complaining of neck pain. Logging long hours at the computer combined with too many late nights keeping her business afloat left this Seattle resident with chronic neck pain.

Dr. Ben Baker, a family chiropractor, helps many chronic pain patients. Based in Kirkland, Dr. Baker treats patients at the Prime Spine, a chiropractic center. Patients with injuries due to personal and auto accidents, as well as sports injuries, are all treated at the Prime Spine.

During the patient’s first visit, the family chiropractor asked the patient if she participated in any sports. She replied that she played in a local soccer league and ran track while in school. She recently took up golf but her recurring neck pain made it difficult to play. The chiropractor asked if she was taking any medications. The patient responded that she had sharp pain at times and relied on Tylenol for relief. The chiropractor told her that she could end her reliance on pain medication with chiropractic treatment.

We’re happy to report that after several sessions, our patient has far less neck pain. Thanks to Dr. Baker at the Prime Spine, our patient’s quality of life has returned. She has been able to take up her golf game again and get back to her soccer team. Both are great stress relievers for this overworked Seattle business owner.

What is keeping you up nights? What is preventing you from performing at your best? If it’s pain that just won’t go away, call our office and make an appointment with Dr. Ben Baker. At the Prime Spine, we see patients with sports injuries and victims of auto accidents. Very often, chiropractic treatment will significantly lessen your pain and get you back to your active life. Call us at the number listed or fill out our online form. Get the relief you deserve today.


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