Redmond Bus Driver Asks Chiropractor For Help With Neck and Lower Back Pain

Work related pain doesn’t always require a dramatic injury. Sometimes the job itself can be at the root of the problem, as in the case of a Redmond bus driver who’s tired of living with debilitating daily pain in his neck and lower back, along with the accompanying stiff muscles. He wants to do his usual early morning run each day, but the pain makes getting that exercise much more difficult. Although he’s tried a variety of medications they haven’t helped; this Redmond man is ready to find a solution to reduce his pain, increase his range of motion and improve his posture to let him get back the sport he enjoys.

Breaking the pain cycle starts with a visit to Dr. Ben Baker’s Kirkland Chiropractic Center, Prime Spine. Instead of simply applying a band-aid to pain, Dr. Baker looks for the cause and offers treatments that work to positively affect a person’s pain level and their life. Posture plays a big part in the alignment of the spine; posture improvement, combined with treatments performed by a family chiropractor such as Dr. Baker, can diminish pain, dramatically increase a body’s range of motion and reduce or eliminate stiff muscles.

Take the time today to contact us if you’re dealing with pain on a daily basis. Thanks t the successful chiropractic treatment options available, job related pain no longer has to be endured. To arrange an appointment with chiropractor Dr. Ben Baker, just give us a call or complete our online form; today could be the day you start regaining control of your pain and your life.

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