Totem Lake Iraq War Veteran Seeks Help From Chiropractor For Neck And Back Pain Caused By Whiplash

Returning from the Iraq war devastated by the excruciating effects of whiplash suffered in a Humvee accident, a Totem Lake man finally had enough. He was taking heavy pain medications to cope with agony in his neck and upper and lower back, but he wasn’t getting any relief. Once an avid runner, he had to sideline any sports activity due to his extreme pain and limited range of motion. A friend recommended he visit Dr. Ben Baker at Prime Spine chiropractic center in Kirkland, and he’s glad he did.

Dr. Baker is a family chiropractor who specializes in the treatment of whiplash induced pain. When he examined our Totem Lake vet, the large area involved and the patient’s extreme pain level told Dr. Baker that the original injury was severe. With so many issues to address, our chiropractor recommended twice weekly sessions which involved spinal adjustments, deep tissue massage therapy, and, as needed, trigger point therapy to address specific problem areas.

Over the course of prescribed chiropractic treatments, our Totem Lake veteran experienced a dramatic change in how he felt. His lower and upper back pain receded, the pain in his neck was relieved, and his stiff muscles responded well to treatment, allowing him a much greater range of motion. He’s now off the heavy pain medications, and only needs Tylenol occasionally.

Pain from whiplash is not something anyone has to endure. If you’ve been suffering neck or back pain associated with an auto accident injury, call us or complete our online form. Paying a visit to our Prime Spine chiropractor, Dr. Baker, offers you the first step on your path to living life pain-free.


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