Avid Golfer from Totem Lake Seeks Chiropractor to Relieve Upper Back Pain.

When a Totem Lake man visited us complaining of upper back pain from a work related injury, we were glad he came to our Chiropractic center when he did. His only treatment at the time for dealing with his chronic pain was taking pain relievers, a temporary solution at best. Without proper chiropractic treatment, he could end up with a much more serious problem.

He was a very active individual, frequently playing soccer and golf in the Totem Lake area. His reason for seeing a chiropractor was not only to relive his pain, but to improve his overall general health. We instantly knew we could help and wanted to see him back on the links, pain-free.

He had mentioned that his injury was work related and his symptoms were typical of someone with a forward head posture. This type of posture is common in people who sit for large parts of the day, such as truck drivers or desk workers and can lead to serious complications if left untreated. Sure enough, Dr. Ben Baker, our local chiropractor quickly found the root of the problem.

As it turned out, this patient worked with computers and sat at a desk for most of his day. Our initial screening revealed that he indeed had a forward head posture. This posture occurs when the head is slightly forward of the shoulders and can add abnormal amounts of pressure on the spine. This was the cause of the patient’s pain. Dr. Ben was able to develop a course of chiropractic treatment that would not only deal with the pain but would fix the underlying issue and get our patient back on the field in no time.

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