Bellevue Scoliosis Sufferer Visits Chiropractor For Work Related Back Pain Relief

When you suffer from scoliosis, working at an office job that involves sitting in one spot for several hours each day will put strain on your already taxed spinal column. Back and neck muscles become tight, tense and pain filled by day’s end.

This Bellevue patient has been enduring a tremendous degree of pain from a job she loves. It’s becoming impossible to cope, even though she’s tried a variety of pain medications. She recently heard very favorable reviews of Dr. Ben Baker’s Kirkland chiropractic center; this patient wants to talk with our familychiropractor about a scoliosis reduction and getting her pain under control without pills.

When a patient visits a chiropractor for the first time, discovering the underlying cause of their back and neck pain typically requires investigation. When a patient has been previously diagnosed with scoliosis, most pain directly relates to this spinal condition, even if the pain emerges on the job. Thankfully, familychiropractor Dr. Ben Baker offers the latest methods to help this Bellevue patient; scoliosis reduction uses specialized equipment and techniques to increase spinal flexibility, followed by gentle adjustments to realign the spine, and specific exercises to re-educate the spinal muscles.

Scoliosis used to require surgery, but no more. A visit to a chiropractic clinic such as Prime Spine in Kirkland offers sufferers the opportunity to bring their pain under control. If you’d like to make an appointment, please call us or fill out our online form; we’re here to help.


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