Issaquah Woman Asks Chiropractor For Help With Upper and Lower Back Pain Relief

When work related back pain takes over your Monday through Friday existence, a good night’s sleep becomes an impossible dream. An Issaquah woman faced this misery week in and week out. After an hour at her desk on Monday mornings, her lower back would begin to spasm, which caused increasing muscle stiffness and radiating pain in her arms and upper back as her body tensed. She tried Tylenol but it had no effect, and she didn’t want to take more than the maximum daily dose. By Friday at 5pm, this patient needed the next two days just to recuperate from her work week.

Her mother-in-law’s best friend was a patient of Prime Spine, Dr. Ben Baker’s chiropractic center in Kirkland. Seeing a 60-something woman so spry and full of energy convinced our Issaquah patient to schedule an appointment with her chiropractor. She’s ready to find the cause of her back pain and take steps to eliminate it. Improving her posture and remedying the increasing, radiating arm pain she’s been experiencing are two other issues she also wants to deal with so that she can get through a work day pain-free.

Low back pain caused by sitting at a desk is an increasingly common problem for many individuals. Familychiropractor Dr. Baker has found that in many cases subluxations — the improper alignment of the lower back — are the cause. The resulting decreased range of motion brings on a host of other symptoms, including muscle tension, upper back pain, and sleepless nights. Thankfully, subluxations are easily treated through chiropractic alignment, with many patients experiencing a vast improvement in their pain level immediately following treatment.

If you’ve been experiencing similar difficulties and are ready to take the first step to end your pain, call ourchiropractic center or fill out our online form to schedule your appointment today.


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