A Juanita Man Wants to Relieve Pain so He Can Play with His Kids

A man who lives in Juanita with his wife and children was hoping to find a treatment that would provide him with relief from the pain in his neck, shoulders and upper back. His pain was so severe that he could not be as active as he used to be, which means he did not play with his children as much as he wanted. He knew that his poor posture at work was contributing to his pain, but sitting at a desk all day made his shoulder roll in and his back slouch. This posture also made his muscles stiff and made it harder for him to be active.

A friend of his suggested that he go to a chiropractic center to see if they could help alleviate some of the pain and stiffness he was having. He decided to drive from Juanita to our chiropractic center, Prime Spine, in Kirkland. He wanted to see our well-known family chiropractor, Dr. Ben Baker, whom he hoped could end the pain his was experiencing. He set up his first appointment so the chiropractor could evaluate him and design a plan to help him.

Dr. Ben was able to explain to him that his chronic muscle pain was primarily caused by stress. Just like he thought, his poor posture at work was increasing the amount of pain he was having. The chiropractor discussed ways he could help by re-aligning his joints, which would ease the pain in his neck, shoulder and upper-back. This chiropractic treatment would also help to correct his posture and help him become active again. The doctor was able to assure him that he would be able to do his favorite sport of running again after several treatments.

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