Active Kirkland P.E. Teacher Seeks Pain Relief At The Chiropractor

Leading an active lifestyle that involves lots of physical activity may seem like the ideal way to stay in great shape and avoid some of the common pain issues. Neck pain, however, can have many causes, as this P.E. instructor from Kirkland has discovered. She’s been experiencing increasingly debilitating bouts of neck pain that last for days at a time, making it difficult to perform her duties as a Physical Education instructor at a small, private school. This woman also enjoys running and provides private gymnastic instruction and both activities are suffering due to her pain. A referral to Dr. Ben Baker’s PrimeSpine Chiropractic Center offers this patient an excellent opportunity to take control of her pain level and get back to the job and sports activities she loves.

Neck pain that isn’t directly related to a trauma such as a car accident can have many causes. As a Kirkland family chiropractor, Dr. Ben Baker first seeks out the root of a patient’s pain. Locating the source of the pain allows Dr. Baker to accurately provide natural treatments including chiropractic alignment. Depending on the cause, massage and trigger point therapies may be added to help decrease muscle tension.

Living with neck pain can have a profound negative impact on a person’s daily life. If you’ve been just coping with life instead of living it because of your neck pain, call chiropractor Dr. Ben Baker. Completing our online form or making a simple phone call will get you an appointment that could change your life for the better; don’t wait, do it today.


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