North Bend Computer Specialist Seeks Headache Relief From Chiropractor

Knowing what’s causing your severe headache and neck pain doesn’t mean it’s any easier to live with the agony. A North Bend man has come to dread Mondays; he knows that after just an hour or two at his work computer the tension in his shoulders will turn into neck pain. By noon on Monday, he’ll have a headache again, and he won’t see much relief until the next weekend. Finally, this man decides to talk with a chiropractor to get an evaluation of the exact problem. He wants desperately to put the pain behind him, and he’s tired of using over the counter pain pills.

Luckily for the patient, he contacted Prime Spines chiropractic center, where Dr. Ben Baker provides pain relief to many patients suffering from headaches. After an examination, Dr. Baker will be able to tell this man what’s behind his neck pain, and ultimately, his headaches. A common cause is misalignment of the cervical vertebrae in the neck. Poor posture related to hours spent hunched over a computer keyboard is often the culprit. Thanks to a combination of chiropractic adjustment, and massage and trigger point therapy methods, this North Bend patient should see his pain and muscle tension gradually diminish, until Mondays become just the start of another week.

Living with neck pain and horrible headaches doesn’t have to be a fact of life. If you’re going through what this patient was experiencing, contact our Kirkland office, by phone or through our online form; we’ll schedule your appointment to meet with family chiropractor, Dr. Baker, and set you on the path to reclaim your pain-free life.


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