Redmond Man Looks to Chiropractor For Help Easing Work-Related Neck and Shoulder Pain

A work-related injury has left a Redmond man with shoulder and neck pain that isn’t getting better on its own. His job involves working on the computer and this only makes the pain worse. Even after-work activities that used to be enjoyable, such as golfing, now only increase his overall pain by causing his lower back to spasm.

Pain medications including Vicodin have taken the edge off, but to rid himself of the pain, this patient would need to be heavily medicated every day, and he wants to eliminate the pills, not add more. He was referred to Dr. Ben Baker by a co-worker who’s been successfully treated. During his first consultation at Dr. Baker’s chiropractic center, this Redmond patient wants to address reducing his pain and discuss another major concern, possible spinal degeneration.

Dr. Ben Baker knows that treating shoulder and neck pain requires a natural approach that involves finding and treating the cause of the pain, not just masking the symptoms. As a family chiropractor, Dr. Baker uses adjustments combined with massage and trigger point therapies to treat neck and shoulder pain, and help prevent degeneration of the discs.

If you’ve suffered a work-related injury, or if you find working at a computer for several hours a day leaves you in misery, call our chiropractic center, or fill our the online form. We’ll schedule an appointment to get you started on treating the pain. With the help of a chiropractor, you can quickly be on your way to enjoying life to the fullest once again.


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