Kirkland Microsoft Employee Seeks Chiropractor to Help Relieve His Work Related Back Pain

Sitting behind a desk and working on a computer for hours every day doesn’t sound as though it would be hard on the body, but it causes lower back problems for many individuals, such as this Kirkland man. His workday is mostly spent on the computer; he enjoys his job but not the pain it’s creating in his life. His usual after-work daily run and participation on his neighborhood baseball team have been suspended because of his lower back pain; this patient needs help in order to get back to his active lifestyle and the sports he loves.

Dr. Ben Baker knows all about back pain; he suffered for several years with debilitating symptoms before seeking help from a chiropractor. Pain relief and the ability to run — even in the Boston marathon — created Dr. Baker’s dream of becoming a chiropractor and helping others escape the sentence of chronic pain. At hisKirkland chiropractic center, he offers well proven, natural treatments for pain sufferers such as our Microsoft employee. Understanding the relationship between sitting at a computer for hours a day, and the problems this can create in the body’s spinal column allow Dr. Baker to successfully treat this type of lower back pain.

Are you enduring needless back pain caused by sitting at a computer for eight or more hours a day? If so, give us a call at our chiropractic center; if it’s more convenient, we also schedule appointments via our easy to complete online form. Contact us today; you’ll never regret taking the first step towards a pain-free life.


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