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Some Seattle Marathon Runners have a secret weapon. Local runners have learned to turn to chiropractors to assist them through their rigorous training schedules.  Kirkland & Bellevue based chiropractor, Dr. Ben, has been helping runners stay in the game as they gear up for their big day.  Dr. Baker is an accomplished marathon runner himself having run the seattle marathon 2 times and the seattle half marathon numerous times as well.  Dr. Baker placed 39th place in the 2005 Seattle Marathon.

As a chiropractor, he focuses his attention on the human frame.   Runners often state their knees ache, their pelvis feels unstable, they feel as if they have one longer leg, and their IT bands are tight.  The first step to making sure you are healthy enough to participate in a half marathon or a full marathon is to protect your posture.  The average runner takes multiple thousands of steps per day during a run and many more during their race day.  Making sure the pelvis is level, the spine is aligned and the knees and ankles have proper joint alignment is essential for everyone who sets out for such a daunting task.

PrimeSpine Chiropractic Center is equipped with the tools to help any runner as they are training.  Local runner who runs the Seattle Marathon annually attributes his performance and consistency in the Seattle Marathon to having proper alignment.  His time spent at PrimeSpine has been instrumental in his success.

Did you know extremities suchas knees, ankles and hip joints are something Dr. Baker regularly assess and adjusts when he finds faulty alignment and motion.  Getting to the finish line does not happen on accident.  Join the movement and let Dr. Ben at PrimeSpine keep you healthy as you train.

Mention the phrase “running chiropractor” when you call PrimeSpine and receive a free chiropractic examination today.

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