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Lake Washington School District employee and local Kirkland teacher struggled with neck tension and headaches for over 10 years.  She attributed her chronic tension headaches and neck pain to long hours of grading and working at her desk.  She thought this was normal and there was nothing that she could do about it.  “It goes with the territory” she would tell her colleagues and family.

Recently she got to fed up with daily tension that she did something she never thought she would, she googled “chiropractor” and took a chance.  Her search navigated her To PrimeSpine of Kirkalnd.  An upbeat clinic near Evergreen Hospital that played rock music and always seemed to be full of people who were smiling.  This Kirkland teacher had x-rays taken and she discovered that she was suffering from something more severe than grading soreness, she had a reversed cervical curve in her neck, otherwise known as forward head posture.  She always knew she didn’t possess perfect posture, there has always been a hump in her upper back she knew.  She learned during her report of findings with Dr. Baker that forward head is serious and predictably causes the symptoms she’s been dealing with for the last ten years.

This Kirkland teacher has undergone postural correction through soft and gentle chiropractic care.  She was amazed at how painless chiropractic adjustments are and more importantly is feeling better than she has in years, even during finals with excessive hours of grading.

Chiropractic care is natural and safe, it is focused on changing posture to help the body function better and cause each person to be in less daily pain.

If you are sick and tired of having headaches, tension and bad posture give us a call today.  Dr. Baker is extending an offer of a free chiropractic exam to all Lake Washington School District employees or anyone who reads this article who mentions the word Lake Washington when they are scheduling a first time appointment.

Kirkland Teacher Utilizes Chiropractic


Kirkland Teacher (s) receive a Free Chiropractic Exam


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