Kirkland Office Worker Seeks Help From Chiropractor To Eliminate Lower Back Pain and Improve Her Posture

Working behind a desk five days a week often leads to weight problems, especially when lower back pain forces an end to any sports activities such as running. Such was the case with an office worker from Kirklandwho was actively trying to slim down. Knowing that exercise is a key aspect of successful weight loss, she decided to seek help from Dr. Ben Baker of Prime Spine chiropractic center to get her pain under control and eliminate her need for the heavy pain medications she’s had to rely on.

During her first appointment with Dr. Baker, our Kirkland office worker discovered that her posture played a large role in her back pain. Sitting at a desk for hours on end had affected her spinal health; not only did this patient need chiropractic adjustments on her lumbar region, she also needed help with posture retraining. Luckily, chiropractor Dr. Ben Baker was an expert on posture and knew exactly the regimen this woman needed to reverse the effects of her poor posture.

Since she began her prescribed course of treatment, our Kirkland patient has seen a dramatic improvement in her overall wellbeing. She’s now able to run again, and her weight loss goals are on track. If you’re one of the many who suffer with work related lower back pain from being chained to a computer or desk, contact us at Prime Spine; our skilled chiropractor, Dr. Baker can help. All it takes is one phone call, or filling out our easy to use online form.


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