Kirkland Doctor Works With Costco Employees on Posture


Costco workers have a solution to back pain.  Dr. Ben Baker of Kirkland has been helping improve posture for the employees and shoppers of Costco lately.  His office is located very close to the Kirkland Costco store in Washington State.  This local doctor of chiropractic accepts the Costco employees insurance as an in-network health care provider.  They have excellent health insurance benefits.

Working at a store such as Costco or any other labor intensive job is certain to cause a strain on ones spine over the years.  Jobs with repetitive movements are notorious for leading to people with sub-par posture and back pain.  This is a fact Dr. Baker understands.  His staff is dedicated to improve the posture of Kirkland one spine at a time.

Who needs to see a doctor of chiropractic?  This is a question we hear regularly at our clinic.  The truth is that you don’t have to be in pain to seek postural correction from a chiropractor.  Dr. Baker prefers to see people before they are in severe pain to help them prevent future back problems suchas spinal degeneration, disc disease, herniations and more.  Back pain is a last ditch effort our bodies make to warn us that something is wrong.  People who get adjusted regularly before they have major spinal issues tend to be healthy, happy and more productive at work.


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Costco Employees alternative to back pain

In-Network provider for Costco Staff

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