Kirkland Chiropractor Treats Google Workers & Staff


Have you heard about the Google Chiropractor yet? Kirkland, WA has a chiropractor who specializes in working with office workers who suffer from forward head posture and neck issues.  Dr. Baker works with many of the Google workers from the Kirkland branch in his chiropractic office to help them improve their ergonomics, reduce their pain and increase their productivity at work.  Headaches are a very common complaint for those who work at Google because they have rigorous jobs which require extreme amounts of time at a computer.

Chiropractic adjustments are a very safe and effective way to reduce headaches, neck pain and poor posture.  Chiropractors do not use drugs or surgery to treat their patients symptoms.  Over the last few years Dr. Baker has been called “the google chiropractor” because he has had such great success eliminating pain and spinal issues from his clients, many of which are employed by the Kirkland branch of Google.

Why is Dr. Baker so effective at helping office workers?  He has a primary focus of treating and correcting postural abnormalities including forward head posture, forward shoulders and hyperkyphosis (hunch back).

If you are sick and tired of having back and neck pain, headaches or just overall sub-par health, make an appointment to see Dr. Baker today.  He works Monday – Friday and is available on the weekends as well for special appointments if necessary.

This Kirkland based chiropractor accepts all major health insurance plans and offers a free chiropractic exam to all patients who mention the word “google” when they are scheduling their exam.


The Google Chiropractor who gets results


Don’t just google “chiropractor”, visit the google chiropractor

Kirkland’s chiropractor who specializes in treating Google Staff and office workers

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