A Microsoft Worker from Juanita Relieves Headaches with Chiropractic Treatment

A man from Juanita, who works at Microsoft, was hoping to find a way to relieve his headaches and muscle pain. He spends most of his workday slouched in front of the computer, and he is convinced that this poor posture had led to his aches and pains. He has tried several different pain relievers to try to ease the pain but nothing seems to reduce the aches and pains. By the end of the day when he returns to his Juanita home, his pain is almost unbearable.

He has dealt with constant pain in his neck, shoulder and upper back, and he has tried sitting in different ways to help alleviate the pain. He also experienced almost daily headaches and some of them were severe. He was told by a coworker that Chiropractic treatment would be able to help him with his pain. This is what brought him to our chiropractic center, Prime Spine, to see our chiropractor, Dr. Ben Baker, who has a lot of experience with helping people alleviate their pain.

We were able to explain to him that seventy-five percent of tension headaches are caused by spinal misalignment, also referred to as subluxations. This misalignment can lead to muscle spasms and cause some of the pain he had been experiencing. We let him know that our chiropractor could help him fix these problems with his spine, which would ease the pain he has been having. This process would also help to diminish the severe headaches. To help alleviate joint pain that you are having make an appointment with Dr. Ben Baker and find out how a chiropractor can help you.


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