Juanita Runner Seeks Chiropractic Treatment To End Work Related Lower Back and Neck Pain

Many individuals who work in an office environment suffer from back and neck pain. This Juanita Prime Spine patient sits behind a desk, not just for 8 hours, but often upwards of 12 or more hours a day. An active man who enjoys a daily run, this patient has recently developed lower back pain, followed by increasingly debilitating neck pain that affects his ability to concentrate. Visits to his primary care doctor have yielded several brands of pain killers but virtually no relief.

Due to his lower back pain and the stiffness it causes, our patient has almost given up on running, and misses these after-work excursions and the exercise they provided. When a friend mentioned family chiropractor Dr. Ben Baker in nearby Kirkland, this Juanita resident decided the time has come to get his lower back and neck pain under control. Getting off his pain medications and enjoying a pain-free evening run are his ultimate goals.

Dr. Ben Baker is a chiropractor who knows back pain. He suffered for several years before taking control of his life through chiropractic treatment. As a highly trained professional chiropractor, he now offers others the opportunity to successfully treat their pain naturally, without medications. Knowing that the cause of lower back pain is often a misalignment of the lumbar vertebrae, Dr. Baker is able to offer patients like our Juanita running enthusiast a treatment that will vastly improve their condition.

If you’ve been suffering with lower back pain and you’re ready for it to end, call our chiropractic center or complete our online form. You won’t regret making an appointment to take back control of your life.


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