Pain Killers Vs. Chiropractic Treatment

An exploration of the differences

Many people suffer from chronic pain.  It’s a daily part of their lives.  Most people who have chronic pain resort to the  use of pain killers like Advil, Tylenol and  Ibuprofen.  Some resort to taking even stronger substances like prescription medications.   Take a moment to consider treating chronic pain with a safe, natural and highly effective technique, chiropractic care.

Is there any evidence that chiropractors can actually fix chronic pain and problems though chiropractic treatments?

The biggest concept to wrap your mind around is what is the source of the pain?  What is really causing one to suffer from chronic pain?  It’s important to point out that pain killers and medication do not fix any problems, they merely mask our bodies pain which is not only a very temporary idea but also a dangerous choice.  Our bodies create pain to alert us that something is wrong, whatever we are doing needs to change.  That is the primary reason for having pain.  Masking one’s pain is doing your overall health a disservice.  This still does not answer the question, can chiropractic care fix chronic pain?

Let’s look at headaches for an example, when one gets a headache they often take tylenol or another pill to stop their pain.  This is great for the rest of the day, but everyone who gets headaches and takes a pill for the pain knows that another headache will soon follow, whether it’s the next day, the next week or the following month.

Chiropractors fix the  source of the problem. Chiropractors are trained to diagnose the source of the problems of chronic pain sufferers.  This is a whole different concept than masking pain.  Finding the source of pain is like finding the cause of a leak in a hose, it’s the only logical decision.  Nobody who wanted to use a hose every day would put gum on the leak daily or even weekly.  Why?  The answer is obvious, if you need a hose daily, you need to make sure the source of the problem is fixed so it doesn’t happen again.  If only we would look at our own bodies this way.

Pain relievers are full of side effects that reek havoc on our physiology.  From liver damage to dizziness to addiction, pain relievers have  major draw backs, they are not good for the human body long term.  They are a very temporary solution.

Chiropractic care is safe and natural.  Chiropractors do not ever prescribe medication.  Chiropractic adjustments and rehab work to correct the sources of chronic pain.  Doesn’t this sound like a wise alternative to constant medication?

Let’s explore the cost in cost of medication.  When one is taking pills for pain it’s most likely a habitual pattern.  Over time spending years and years the costs are astronomical, not to mention our bodies organs can not handle daily medications.

Many fear the cost of chiropractors.  Many people are unaware that health insurance covers chiropractic care.  Dr. Baker is a chiropractor who serves Kirkland, WA who takes all major insurance plans. Doctors of chiropractic do not need referrals to use insurance.  Chiropractors can also prescribe massage therapy and other forms of healing.  Seeking chiropractic treatment is a smart decision to see if your chronic pain can be relieved or even fixed permanently.

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Chronic Pain Explored – Pain Killers Vs. Chiropractic Treatment


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