Everett Nurse Sees Headache Relief After Visits To Chiropractor

Working in the medical field does not guarantee a pain-free life, in fact, the physical demands of nursing often cause job related wear and tear on the body. This Everett nurse knows this all too well. Although an active runner and involved in other sports including gymnastics, she was finding that neck pain and stiff muscles were having a negative impact on how she went about her work day, how she was able to spend her leisure time, and her desire to never be dependant on a pain medication.

Following a conversation with a co-worker who found relief from her own headaches, our Everett nurse decided that living with her pain for another day was simply not acceptable; she was ready for familychiropractor Dr. Ben Baker to help her end her headache and stiff neck misery, and eliminate her pain medications. Heading into her forties, our patient wanted to face the aging process healthy and fully functional.

At our Kirkland chiropractic center, Prime Spine, Dr. Baker offers expert help for headache sufferers. After examining this nurse, he advised her the her pain was caused by misalignment of the cervical vertebrae in her neck. Over time, her neck muscles had gotten tighter, radiating pain to those covering her skull and resulting in vicious tension headaches, along with terrible neck pain. Dr. Baker prescribed a regimen of chiropractic adjustments to her upper spine, combined with massage therapy to relieve her neck muscle stress.

Thankfully, our Everett patient is now well on her way to regaining full functionality and a pain-free life. If you’ve been suffering from similar headaches and neck pain, don’t hesitate; call us at Prime Spine today, or fill out our online form. Schedule a visit to our chiropractor, Dr. Baker, and get the help you need.


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