Bellevue Office Worker Seeks Chiropractic Treatment for Neck Pain

A Bellevue woman who had been working in the same office for many years was looking for some help to ease the pain she was feeling in her neck. She did not currently play any sports and had not had a recent accident, so she believed the pain was work related. She felt certain that her years of working at her desk or on the computer were contributing to the pain she was experiencing. Not able to change careers, she needed to find some type of treatment that would be successful in helping her alleviate her neck pain.

She decided to drive from her Bellevue home to our Kirkland Chiropractic Center, Prime Spine, located in Kirkland. She wanted Dr. Ben Baker, our experienced and very knowledgeable chiropractor, to help her reduce the pain in her neck and improve her posture. She explained that she has been using Tylenol for several years to minimize the pain but that it was no longer effective. A coworker had advised her to try the services of achiropractor because they may be able to help her.

She came to our Chiropractic Center searching not just for answers to her pain but for solutions to resolve her pain. The chiropractor was able to advise her that neck pain is usually caused by chronic muscle tension, which is the result of a lot of stress. The fact that she worked almost all day slouched at her desk only contributed to the pain and made it worse. He informed her that he could re-align her joints, which would help ease the tension and improve her posture.


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