Kirkland Runner Seeks Out Chiropractor To Relieve Work Related Shoulder Pain

Leaving work each day in pain didn’t allow this professional Kirkland woman the opportunity to enjoy a relaxing evening run to erase her stress. A stiff and aching upper back and sore shoulders left her in misery after several hours behind her desk, and over-the-counter pain pills simply weren’t helping reduce her discomfort to a manageable level.

After talking to a friend who’s familiar with Dr. Ben Baker and the work he does at our Prime Spine chiropractic center, this woman wisely decided enough is enough and made an appointment. She was more than ready to discover the cause of her shoulder and upper back pain and end her evening misery so she could get back to running and enjoying a pain-free life.

As a Kirkland family chiropractor, Dr. Baker offers natural solutions to his patients’ pain. Rather than simply covering up the symptoms, he delves into the cause, and once located, he provides the most up to date chiropractic treatments to address the issue.

When shoulder and upper back pain develops at work, poor posture is often a major contributing factor. Dr. Baker is a chiropractor who treats not only the pain through spinal realignment, but helps patients such as this Kirkland professional improve their posture. Stress and stiffness relieving therapeutic massage and trigger point therapy are also very beneficial treatments used for aching, stiff muscles.

Don’t suffer needlessly with work related muscle and back pain. Call our office or complete our online form and schedule an appointment with Dr. Baker at our chiropractic center today. When your pain is under control, you’ll be very glad you made the decision to take back your life.

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