Factoria Professional Dancer Seeks Help From Chiropractor For Neck and Lower Back Pain

Dancing is a profession that puts a lot of wear and tear on a body. This woman from Factoria has found she’s enduring increasing levels of pain in her lower back and neck; her work related injuries have caused many episodes of sciatica. An avid runner who also actively participates in gymnastics, this woman needs help to relive her pain and let her enjoy both her job and after-work sports activities. So far, this Factoria dancer has avoided any sort of pain medication, but knows that she needs to find a natural solution to her pain to prevent spinal degeneration and premature aging.

Dr. Ben Baker’s chiropractic center offers the solution to this Factoria patient’s pain issues. Not treating just the symptoms, family chiropractor Dr. Baker digs deeper to locate the underlying cause of the pain, and using the latest chiropractic treatments, offers his patient’s real relief, naturally. Realignment is one of the processes used, and it offers tried and true results, especially when combined with massage therapy and/or trigger point treatments.

Whether you’ve been dealing with the results of a work related injury, the after-effects of a car accident or any other event that’s left you in constant pain, contact us at our Kirkland chiropractic center. Simply give us a call, or fill out our online contact form; we’ll get you an appointment with our chiropractor, Dr. Baker, and on the road to the pain-free life that you deserve.


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