Kirkland Man Seeks Help From Chiropractor For Work Related Lower Back, Shoulder and Neck Pain Issues

When you spend most of your work day behind the wheel, as this Kirkland professional driver does, a work related injury manifests with symptoms such as arm numbness and lower back pain. These types of symptoms caused our Kirkland patient great concern — especially the numbness that affected his arms and, at times, extended down to his hands.

This active man enjoys track but found that his lower back pain has made him skip running with increasing frequency. In an effort to keep the pain under control, he’s taken Advil regularly, without any success. With his pain levels increasing, and arm numbness getting worse, this Kirkland man has been referred to our chiropractic center to his life back on track.

Dr. Ben Baker offers patients the benefits of a two-fold experience. On one hand he’s a highly trained professional chiropractor who knows the importance of natural healing methods such as spine realignment. On the other, he’s a former chiropractic patient who fully understands how back pain adversely affects a person’s life. After suffering for years, Dr. Baker began treatment with a chiropractor. Within six months, his back pain was firmly under control. He went on to run a Boston marathon, and decided to make becoming a chiropractor his life’s goal.

If you’re one of the many who live with debilitating pain on a daily basis, call us at our chiropractic center, Prime Spine. Dr. Baker can help you get your life back through natural treatments designed to bring your body back into alignment, reducing your pain and discomfort. Call or complete our online form today and take charge of your pain.

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