Golfer Visits Kirkland Chiropractor For Post Car Accident Neck Pain Relief

When you’ve been in a car accident, one of the most common long-term injuries is the neck pain associated with whiplash. This Kirkland patient has suffered with neck pain since his accident last year. Hoping it would simply go away over time, the man has been taking Vicodin but has seen little or no relief from his pain.

He used to be an avid weekend golfer, getting in two or more games with his friends. That’s all changed because swinging a golf club now causes excruciating pain to radiate down his upper back. He’s ready to get some serious help to get his pain under control, eliminate the pain pills and get his golf game back on track.

The Kirkland chiropractic center Prime Spine, operated by Dr. Ben Baker, offers a natural approach to pain relief. Dr. Baker specializes in treating accident related injuries and whiplash. By combining his skill in locating the trouble spot with up to the minute chiropractic treatment, along with therapeutic massage to relieve tension and relax stiff and sore muscles, chiropractor Dr. Baker and his staff are able to help his patients get their pain levels under control, without the need for medication. With whiplash injuries, posture correction is often a vital starting point that offers tremendous help.

If you’ve been debating what to do about your pain or you’re considering visiting a chiropractor, call, drop by or fill out our online form to arrange an appointment at Dr. Ben Baker’s family chiropractic clinic. We’ll help you get beyond the pain and get on with your life, starting today.

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