Kirkland Desk Job Worker Seeks Chiropractic Help for Lower Back Pain

When this patient came to our chiropractic center in Kirkland, he was in severe pain. He was experiencing lower back spasms. He had sacroiliac pain which he felt on one side of the lower back and then radiated down the leg. He explained he had been experiencing pain above the knee for more than three months, meaning the condition was now becoming chronic. He came to the right place. Our chiropractor Dr. Ben Baker at our clinic in Kirkland knew exactly how to help him. Our goal was to prevent his condition from becoming very serious.

Dr. Baker learned that even though the patient had been athletic, the cause of his pain seemed to be his desk job. It may have stemmed from hypo mobility or fixation. After sitting for long hours at his desk he came home with severe pain. His back pain may have also been a result of a job stress. Stress in one of the most common causes of chronic muscle tension. The stress causes poor posture which contributes to the pain.

The patient’s goal was to find relief from his pain so he could get back into his regular kick boxing routine. In order to help the patient, our chiropractor re-aligned the joints of his frame. This helped him to move better and experience less back pain. The chiropractic treatment we provide has proved to be the most effective treatment for lower back pain.

The patient was very happy with the results of our family chiropractor. Now he’s back to being a regular runner, doing gymnastics, and kick boxing. No longer does he rely on over the counter drugs for minimal relief – his life is back to normal. Do you need relief from lower back pain? Don’t hesitate contact our chiropractic clinic today.

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