Bothell Runner Seeks Relief From Chiropractor When A Car Accident Leaves Lingering Neck, Shoulder and Upper Back Pain

Even after his apparent injuries from a car accident healed, a Bothell man still had neck, upper back and shoulder pain that simply would not stop. He’d been taking Vicodin regularly, but the pain medication was simply masking his symptoms without offering him permanent relief. Formerly active, enjoying both track and weekend golf, this man now found himself cancelling golf games with friends and avoiding running because of the unremitting pain. When a business colleague told him about the relief he’d experienced after visiting Dr. Ben Baker’s Prime Spine chiropractic center, this patient decided to seek help in lowering his pain level and stopping his use of Vicodin.

Dr. Ben Baker is a family chiropractor who uses a natural approach to treatment starting with identifying the source of the pain; our Bothell patient had the classic symptoms of whiplash, a common auto accident injury that should be taken very seriously. Chiropractic treatment such as alignment offers relief for the neck and radiating shoulder/upper back pain associated with this type of injury. Combined with massage therapy and trigger point treatments, the care provided by a chiropractor offers the greatest opportunity for a patient to return to their pre-injury condition.

When pain from a sports injury or auto accident does not go away, you need help from an experienced chiropractor. Don’t waste another day just coping; start living life again with the help of Dr. Ben Baker. Making an appointment is as easy as calling our chiropractic center or filling out our online form.

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