Kirkland Car Accident Survivor Visits Chiropractor For Lower Back and Shoulder Pain Relief

After surviving the trauma of an auto accident, a Kirkland man has endured ongoing pain in both his right shoulder and lower back. The pain has severely affected his ability to raise his right arm and has also limited the range of motion in his hips. Taking Tylenol hasn’t really helped control the pain, and he’s concerned about the effects of using the drug long-term. Beyond the debilitating impact on his daily activities, this man has had to quit his passion and pass time, golf, as the very first swing of a club creates instant agony. The patient’s goal is to regain function and lessen his pain so that he can once again take part in sports and enjoy a game of golf. Luckily, a golfing buddy recommended visiting Dr. Ben Baker at our Prime Spine chiropractic center in Kirkland.

Dr. Baker isn’t simply a chiropractor. He’s a former patient who completely understands how dealing with pain on a daily basis adversely affects a person’s life. After enduring lower back pain for several years, he sought chiropractic treatment; within six months he was able to enter competitive running events, eventually entering the Boston marathon. The difference that treatment made in his life is what gave Dr. Ben Baker the drive to become a family chiropractor.

If you are living with pain you need to contact our office and make an appointment to consult with Dr. Baker; simply call our Kirkland chiropractic center or fill out the inquiry form on our website. Call us today and take the first step on your path to a pain-free life.

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