Woodinville runner anxious to find foot and leg pain relief through chiropractic treatment in order to stay competitive.

The woodinville patient, a young male in overall good health, visited our clinic and expressed anxiety about being able to compete in an important running event scheduled for the following month. He hoped to be ready for a 10K race held to raise funds for a charity that he felt a strong connection towards. Unfortunately, the patient was experiencing foot and leg pain that was keeping him from training and jeopardizing his chance to run at all. Specifically, he reported that lately he would often suffer charley horses and aching arches after just several laps around the track where he practiced. One reason this young man sought out Dr. Ben Baker is that the chiropractor is a runner himself, and therefore understands what it takes to compete.

Woodinville chiropractic to the rescue

At our chiropractic center, the chiropractor started by interviewing the patient to discover his workout routine, including the type of surface where he conducted his practice runs. The chiropractor explained that typical athletic shoes and even shoes designed specifically for runners are not always enough to safeguard the athlete’s foot from injury, especially when running on hard surfaces like pavement. The chiropractor recommended the patient try custom inserts to alleviate the stress on his arches. The young man received instructions on how to reduce impact when running and the importance of incorporating stretching into his regimen. In addition, he was scheduled to see the doctor intermittently for alignment and further sports therapy.

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