Seattle office worker seeks chiropractic treatment to alleviate neck pain and improve posture

This patient came to us for treatment seeking relief from neck pain. He drove to Kirkland from Seattle, specifically to seek help at our chiropractic center. The patient was not taking any medication and was exercising regularly, playing golf monthly and soccer weekly. However, the cause of the neck pain was unrelated to the sports. In fact, the pain was interfering with his weekend sports. The patient’s main motivation for visiting a kirkland family chiropractor was to be able to partake in his athletic activities, in addition to living a pain free life and improving his poor posture.

In this case, the neck pain was caused by chronic muscle tension which in turn was caused by stress. The tension exacerbated his already bad posture, and then sitting slouched over for long hours at a desk didn’t help the situation. As is often the case when patients seek help from a chiropractor, there are several underlying causes that were contributing to the pain.

Our chiropractor, Dr. Ben Baker, is a passionate and knowledgeable supporter of natural health care and wellness principles, so he was able to address the underlying causes of the patient’s pain. He worked to re-align the patient’s joints which improved the patient’s posture and allowed him to move better so that he can continue his weekend activities.

We are experts in the Kirkland area in treating back pain and back injuries. Would you like to make an appointment with Dr. Ben Baker at our chiropractic clinic? Call us today or fill out our online form to make an appointment.


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