Redmond Car Accident Victim Seeks Neck and Back Pain Relief Through Chiropractic Treatment

Even for those who avoid major physical injuries such as broken limbs, a car accident can leave a person with long-lasting, debilitating pain. A Redmond resident recently came to our chiropractic center with complaints of neck and upper back pain and limited motion resulting from a collision.
To cope with the pain, she had been taking Tylenol. When she realized how much she depended on the medication, which was merely masking the real problem, she decided to seek the help of a chiropractor to truly correct the underlying issues and be free from both pain and medication.

Neck and back pain which result from whiplash is a common injury for car accident victims. Whiplash occurs when the body responds to a force by hyper-flexion or hyper-extension. Dr. Ben Baker,chiropractor at Prime Spine, is an expert in chiropractic treatment for whiplash; he can diagnose and treat the cause (not the symptom), often helping patients recover to pre-injury status.

Before he became a chiropractor, Dr. Baker was once a patient who came to a family chiropractic clinic believing he would never be free of back pain. Within a year of beginning treatment, he was able to complete a marathon with no pain. He has written numerous articles regarding the use of chiropractic to treat everything from sports injuries to headaches. An avid runner and promoter of movement, he has even developed a highly regarded shoe insert that enhances the foot’s performance.

If you’ve been suffering from back pain, headaches or have experienced muscle strain or whiplash, call or email Dr. Ben Baker’s Kirkland chiropractic center and find out if chiropractic treatment can help you.

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