Kirkland Businessman Finds Relief From Pain At Chiropractic Center

As a Documentation Specialist with a large Seattle area technology firm, a 44-year-old had developed neck pain, stiff muscles and sore shoulders resulting from years spent working at a computer. Recommended by a co-worker, he decided to visit Dr. Ben Baker to explore Chiropractic treatment options for his symptoms.

When Brian first came to our Kirkland clinic, he expressed that he was unsure if a Chiropractor could really offer him relief from his chronic back pain and sore muscles. His family doctor was only able to suggest over the counter anti-inflammatory drugs such as Advil to decrease the pain, which Brian disliked taking due to uncomfortable side effects. As an avid runner, Brian wanted to make sure that the Chiropractor would help decrease the lower back pain that had now made exercising uncomfortable.

After his first consultation with Dr. Ben, Brian established a Chiropractic treatment plan to ease his symptoms of pain and muscle stiffness. Since Brian made it clear that he wanted to stop taking anti-inflammatory drugs, using our highly effective treatments we helped Brian become drug and pain-free.Brian now looks forward to running in the next Seattle marathon, and no longer dreads spending long days at his computer.

Stop living with chronic neck, back and shoulder pain, because non-surgical drug free treatment options are available. For your appointment with Dr. Ben Baker to discuss how a Chiropractor can improve your health, call us today at our convenient Seattle area Chiropractic center.


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