Chiropractor bring permanent relief to Kirkland patient

Even minor car accidents can have persistent effects, such as neck and back injuries. These issues can cause long-lasting pain that perpetually plague the accident victim. Fortunately, a visit to a kirkland chiropractic center can be the first step to a full recovery and complete pain relief. Our patient recently experienced the benefits of a chiropractor’s expertise in alleviating accident-induced injuries.

He came in with moderate neck pain as the result of a collision, and mere time and rest could not rectify the misalignment in his spine. Although he had been taking Tylenol for the pain, he hoped to discontinue its use, and kirkland’s family chiropractor Dr. Ben Baker offered his services to help the patient permanently fix his injured neck.

Chiropractic treatments usually last for several sessions, with adjustments being made gradually to avoid further injury. Twice a week is an average requirement for treatment, but Dr. Baker makes individual assessments for each patient depending on their needs. Our client’s treatment at the chiropractic center significantly reduced his pain in the first few sessions, and further treatment repaired the misalignment and relieved the pain completely.

If you have been injured in a car accident, or if you experience neck and back pain from any source, check into treatment with a family chiropractic or sports medicine practice. You can make an appointment with our chiropractor, Dr. Ben Baker, by calling us or filling out a form online. You don’t have to be consigned to a daily regimen of pain medication — invest in a long-term solution for your spinal health.

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