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Radiating Pain Treatment in Kirkland, WA

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Radiating pain down ones leg is a common symptom for those suffering from bulging discs or herniated discs.  This is something that occurs regularly when one experiences trauma to the spine from a whiplash, accident or a trauma of any kind.  What happens is the inside of the disc sustains so much pressure it pushes through the outside of the disc and can tear it.   The nucleus pulposis is the soft inner layer of the disc.  It can get  herniated through the hard outer layer of the vertebral disc, the annulus fibrosis.  When this happens it’s a very serious condition that is termed a slipped disc, bulging disc or herniated disc.

Occurrence  of a herniated disc has been estimated to be  40% and it has been estimated that 90% of all leg pain secondary to herniated discs occurs at either the L4-5 or L5-S1 levels.  It has also been found that the average case of radiating pain from a disc issue will have symptoms for over a year before most people get treatment.  This is way too long to live with radiating pain in my professional opinion. Studies have shown that only 2-4% of disc issues involving radiating pain are in need of surgical intervention.  This is incredible, 96 + % of people with disc issues can have relief and return back to normal with conservative care including chiropractic care and treatment. Chiropractic treatment protocols utilized generally consist of 2 treatments per week for 6 weeks.  If you are looking for a gentle, safe approach to recovering from a slipped disc, chiropractic care is certainly worth a try.


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Radiating pain is a burden that you may not have to live with

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