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Chiropractic and Asthma

Many people ask me, is there a connection between chiropractic adjustments and improving asthma?  As a Kirkland chiropractor I treat many patients who suffer from upper respiratory conditions including asthma, congestion and C.O.P.D.  There is a study in the Journal of Canadian Chiropractic Association that came out in 2010 that highlights some of the clinical findings linking a correlation between asthma relief and chiropractic care.  For the full text study, click the link below.

An excerpt from this article found, “Despite a paucity of evidence supporting the successful management of patients with asthma under chiropractic care, and despite the fact that the evidence that does exist is heterogeneous with respect to its quality strength, there is nonetheless some indication that patients experience positive subjective and at times positive objective results while under chiropractic care.”

How can this be?  Let me explain how chiropractic and asthma are related.  A chiropractors primary goal when treating a patient is to remove restrictions along the spine to take pressure off of the joints, discs and nervous system.  The nervous system is the key link here.  Chiropractic and asthma have been questioned for years as to their connection.  Speaking from my clinical expertise, I can break down how chiropractic can help decrease symptoms of asthma.  When the nervous system is free of interference and restrictions, the body will always function better.   My goal as a Kirkland chiropractor is to facilitate the body to have optimal nervous system function.  Many patients come in with a laundry list of symptoms upon  starting chiropractic care.  Once the body has less restrictions and the nervous system is enabled to function the way it was designed to the body will often heal itself.

Our bodies are self healing and self regulating systems that are perfectly designed when there is not interference.  Chiropractic and asthma is an example of how brilliant our bodies can function if we remove external interferences.

Chiropractic and asthma explained

Kirkland chiropractor explains about chiropractic and asthma

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