Chiropractors in Kirkland Treating Sciatica

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Sciatica Treatment in Kirkland

Have you ever felt sharp, nagging pain running down the back of your leg?  Many people struggle with this issue on a more than regular basis.  This condition is often called sciatica, a condition that is very effectively treated by chiropractors on a daily basis.  The first question to ask is, “do you in fact have sciatica”.  This is something that is easily diagnosed by chiropractors regularly.  Treating sciatica is the most important move one can make who is dealing with this nagging condition.

There are  numerous reasons for having the condition of sciatica.   The first physical imperfection that is a leading factor toward having sciatica is having an imbalanced pelvis.  This is a common low back misalignment that involves the lumbar spine, the sacrum and both iliums.  This condition is easily diagnosed, treated and corrected by chiropractors.  The next factor that can cause sciatica is having tight muscularature around the pelvic structure.  Specifically, the piriformis muscle.  The piriformis muscle when tight puts extra pressure on the sciatic nerve, this is the large nerve that runs down the back of ones upper leg.

Treating sciatica can be a complex task which involves chiropractors adjusting the pelvis, sacrum and lumbar spine with the goal of leveling the pelvis. Once the pelvis is level, the majority of the pressure put on the sciatic nerve will diminish.  Stretching and alleviating trigger points and muscle adhesions located within the piriformis muscle is essential to alleviate further pressure put along the sciatic nerve.

Chiropractors have been treating sciatica for years, they are experts at looking at the body and finding the key imbalances which cause sciatica.  Looking at the body as a whole and treating both an imbalanced pelvis and stretching the piriformis muscle is your best bet to rid the body of one of the most nagging conditions out there, sciatica.


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